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A Biography of America Very informative site which covers events in American history between the year 1000 and 1999. The information is divided into titled categories, which follows a video series by this company. Each section includes "Key Events" (a timeline), "Maps", "Transcript" (from the video series, which could be used effectively in your in-class discussions), and best of all - "Webography" which includes websites directly related to the section itself. (2/19/01)
Virtual Field Trips This site includes 92 Virtual Field Trips on lots of different subjects.  The author of the site also includes some very important instructions for the correct use of a Virtual Field Trip in your curriculum.  Check it out! (2/8/01)
1001 Uses for a Digital Camera These are listed by category, and you can submit one of your own to the site! (1/29/01)
Teacher to Teacher: Ideas for using Digital Cameras in the Curriculum This site contains 14 ideas for the use of a digital camera in the classroom curriculum. (1/29/01)

The Virtual 
Field Trip Site
Contains a range of field trips on nature topics. These trips are particularly suited to classroom use.  The site provides teacher's objectives and resources for each trip.(1/12/01)
Classroom Connect's "Best of the Web" Contains great links to lots of Teacher Resources, K-12 Schools, Cybrarian sites (check that out!), Great educator-submitted sites, and lots more links divided by category.(1/4/01) Neat math site for elementary and middle school (and even some high school) students!  It includes online calculators of all sorts, games, movies and other activities related to math.  It even includes a freeware version of the old marketing/math program called "Lemonade Stand". (11/7/00) Site includes lesson planning ideas for K-12, hundreds of links to teacher resources, teacher websites, student hot spots, spanish-speaking country information, and a teacher & student discussion board. (10/29/00)
USGS U.S. Geological Survey's mission to encourage K-12 education, exploration, and life-long learning in the areas of biology, geography, hydrology, and geology. Educators can surf around the Learning Web's extensive teaching page, which offers lesson plans and activities. An easily accessible e-mail feature allows users to pose questions to the USGS's Earth Science Information Center. (10/17/00)
Integrating the Internet into the Classroom A GREAT collection of 6 websites that would be extremely helpful to any teacher attempting internet integration! A MUST SEE!
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