Spring 2005 TWT Online Course Enrollment

There are two parts to the enrollment process. The first is enrolling with TWT and the second (optional) is registering for graduate credit. Any classroom teacher can participate in this course, whether or not they have had any prior TWT experiences.


Step 1: Enroll with TWT
Enrolling with TWT tells us that you will be completing the online course. By submitting this enrollment form you will be added to the course email list and your database record will be updated for the eventual processing of your stipend upon successful course completion. Enrollment is first-come-first-served and will be limited based on available funds for stipends.

Click Here to Enroll with TWT (Sorry - registration is closed)


Step 2: Registering for Graduate Credit (Optional)
All course enrollees have the option of completing the course for two graduate credits. The cost for the two credits is $100 ($50 per credit). The increase in the graduate credit registration fee is the result of changes by higher education. Following is a list of critical information pertaining to graduate credit registration; please read it carefully.

  1. This is a LETTER graded course. All participants will earn a course grade of A, B, C, or F based on their performance as assessed by the TWT Course Assessment Rubric.
  2. Registration begins on February 7th, 2005. All registration is completed directly through the respective university. (Note: if you register you will be charged the $100 registration fee - this fee is NOT refundable even if the course is dropped).
  3. The last day to register is February 18th, 2005.
  4. The last day to drop is March 4th, 2005. Contact the university to drop the course - not TWT. (Again, the registration fee is NOT refunded, if the course is dropped the participant will receive a "Withdraw"). For those who do not withdraw and do not complete the course, an "F" will be reported to the university.
  5. The course end date is June 3rd, 2005.
  6. To register for graduate credit please click on the link provided by the university of your choice. You should receive confirmation from the higher education institution confirming your registration. It is your responsibility to make certain you are successfully registered for graduate credit.

      SORRY - Graduate Credit Registration has closed.
    • NDSU (available February 7th @ 8 a.m. CST)
    • MiSU (available February 7th @ 8 a.m. CST)
    • UND (available February 7th @ 8 a.m. CST)

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