Scenario Teachers
How did they do it?


The following are examples of completed TWT Units of Instruction. These are not meant to represent solid "A" work. Please look at the cooresponding rubric that has been graded by TWT instructors for an indication of the "score" these teachers can expect. Comments have been provided within the "scenerio teachers" rubrics. Although, in most cases, real TWT participants will not receive written comments, the comments provided here may be useful as general suggestions for improvement.

Teacher Name

Interim Review - Course Rubric

Grade Level

Subject Area

Project Title

Mary Martin

Ms. Martin's Graded Rubric

Grade 2


Weather, Map Reading & Graphing

Scott Simon

Mr. Simon's Graded Rubric

Grade 5

Language Arts and Social Studies

What is a hero?

Faye Fields

Ms. Fields' Graded Rubric

Grade 7

Social Science

Tackling Social Issues

Fred Fischer

Mr. Fischer's Graded Rubric

Grade 12

Social Science

Democracy Rocks

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