TWT Assignment 6

Access Unit of Instruction Template on the PCC site


Complete a final assessment and score your unit of instruction using the TWT Course Assessment Rubric at


Contact TWT for an interim review of your unit of instruction using the form available at: (

NOTE: Your interim review request must be submitted by April 4,2005 to receive full credit on this section. When the TWT instructors receive your interim request, your online unit template will be reviewed using the Course Assessment Rubric and you will be provided with feedback in the form of a scored rubric.


Begin implementation and collect student samples / products that illustrate student achievement on one or more of the stated unit objectives.

Once again, refer to the TWT Assessment Rubric (#8. Implementation, Student Projects, & Review) to review the expectations for collecting student products.

6D. At the completion of your implementation period, return to your online template and document any high points, tips, or lessons learned.

Below is a summary of the final course requirements:

~ TWT Course Requirements~

  1. Complete Unit of Instruction (online template)
  2. Request for Interim Review of Unit of Instruction
  3. Implementation and at least two student product samples
  4. Completion of the PCC self-assessment (during the 5th administration)
NOTE: The delivery of all course requirements is conducted online. Your TWT instructor will review your unit of instruction online following your request for an interim review and at the completion of the course (when you email electronic versions of at least two student product samples)

The final course evaluation is online and will be requested approximately 2 weeks after the course end date. You will receive an email message asking you to complete the evaluation.

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