TWT Assignment 5

Even though the template is online, it is always a good practice to first compose your assignments in a word processor and then copy/paste them into the template. This provides a backup copy of your work and gives you the ability to take advantage of the spelling and grammar tools available as part of most word processing programs. Please note that by clicking the "Submit Information" button saves your data in the online template.

Access Unit of Instruction Template on the PCC site


Design at least six (6) student learning activities that illustrate how students will demonstrate understanding of this unit.

In Assignment 5, Column 2, enter a detailed description of your student learning activities. Remember, all units are shared in an online search engine. Your unit activities must be described with enough detail that another teacher would be able to understand and implement your design.


In Assignment 5, Column 1, enter the "standard identifier" number associated with the standard(s) on which this activity is designed to meet. ("Standard identifiers" are in Assignment 2, Column 1 in the template.)


In Assignment 5, Column 3, identify the technology tools that will be used for each of the student learning activities.


In Assignment 5, Column 4, enter the appropriate ND Library / Technology Literacy Standard(s) and Benchmarks.

Remember: Read the TWT Course Assessment Rubric to make sure you've met the requirements for this assignment.

Examples: See how scenario teachers completed their TWT requirements.

TWT Teacher Scenarios

Once you have completed the activities in this assignment, you should just about be ready to enter the classroom for implementation. Assignment 6 will get you prepared to do that as well as conclude this online course.

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