TWT Assignment 1

Have you completed the enrollment process? There are two parts: the first is enrolling with TWT and the second (optional) is registering for graduate credit. If you haven’t done this, go to: and follow the directions.

The last day to register for graduate credit is February 18, 2005.


Download and print a copy of the Educator Course Checklist at

Think of it as your "To Do" list. Use this document to track the completion of your TWT assignments.


Download and print a copy of the TWT Course Assessment Rubric at

Use it to make sure that you are meeting the requirements for each assignment.


Enter the PCC site (

Need Instructions?

If you have never “signed up” for a PCC account, instructions are available at:

Returning users’ instructions are also available at:

Use your login and password for the PCC.

Verify your contact information.

If your contact information is incorrect, you can click on "your profile" under the User Options box at the top left and select Edit.


Once you have logged into the PCC and verified your contact information click on the “Go” button found in the “Unit of Instruction:” box on the left-hand side of the website. Enter the following information into the Unit of Instruction Template:

  1. Enter: Name of Unit (Be descriptive)
  2. Select: Grade Level (You may choose more than one grade level)
  3. Enter: Subject Area(s) Associated with this Unit (Start with the primary subject area, then secondary, etc.)

Click "Save Information" to save your data.
Caution: Even though the template is online, it is always a good practice to first compose your assignments in a word processor and then copy/paste them into the template. This provides a backup copy of your work and gives you the ability to take advantage of the spelling and grammar tools available as part of most word processing programs. Please note that by clicking the "Save Information" button saves your data in the online template but allows you to revise at anytime.

1E. Staying in the Unit of Instruction Template within the PCC, complete Assignment 1 – Analysis of Instructional Need

Describe the instructional need and rationale for your Unit of Instruction on the online template.

Click “Save Information” to save your data.

Examples: See how scenario teachers completed their TWT requirements.

TWT Teacher Scenarios

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