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Title:                                                      My Typical Day
Primary Subject Area/Grade Level:   Math (5th Grade)
Author:                                                   Deb Steffeck


Based on data acquired from:

  1. 2002 ND State Assessment Test results
  2. Fall 2003 NWEA Bismarck Public Schools District Assessment

Information presented throughout this project will be targeted toward the lowest performance indicator in 5th grade math. This project will be a final culmination based on fractions, decimals and percents and their connection with each other and interpretation in everyday use. This project will also concentrate on use of technology to present data.

I have determined that if students have a basic understanding of relationships among fractions and know the percent equivalents fluently, they can make good estimates and can do many problems. Students then move from percents to decimals, which have a more complicated notation than fractions or percents. The application becomes more authentic and the exploration process becomes more applicable.


Rationale     Overview     Standards     Objectives     Assessment     Activities
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