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Title:                                                      Class Store
Primary Subject Area/Grade Level:   Math (First Grade)
Author:                                                  Carol Smith


In deciding to do this project, I reviewed the data from the 2002-2003 ND State Assessment for Math. Fourth grade students scored low in these standards:

Standard 1- Number and Operation
Benchmark 4.1.7: Communicate strategies to solve problems

Standard 3-Data analysis, statistics, probability
Benchmark 4.3.2: Formulate, solve problems that involve data

Standard 4-Measurement
Benchmark 4.4.4: Use units of time, money, temperature

I also wanted to create a meaningful learning experience for my students. In this unit, the students will earn money by doing jobs in the classroom. The students will count money and enter it into a savings account daily. At the end of our unit the students will go shopping in the classroom store.


Rationale     Overview     Standards     Objectives     Assessment     Activities
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