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Title:                                                       Channel W.E.B TV – The Power of Words (A Charlotte’s Web Novel Study)
Primary Subject Area/Grade Level:    Reading and Language Arts (3rd - 4th Grade)
Author:                                                   Lisa Roeske



Data from the 2002 North Dakota State Assessment, district information, and personal observations were the rationale for developing this unit. Results from the state test show the lowest language arts scores were in Standard 5: Write for a variety of purposes. The fourth grade benchmark, different purposes require different forms, has students scoring in the 58 percentile, lower than any other benchmark.

Because of similar concerns with students’ writing, the Fargo Public School District, has adopted writing as a district goal and many individual buildings have maintained writing as an NCA goal.

Within my own classroom, I have also observed students’ difficulty with different forms of writing. Most students’ writing experience seems to be in creative writing within structured large group lessons. This unit was designed to address the state standard with activities that engage students in the writing process and its different forms in a meaningful, literacy experience.


Rationale     Overview     Standards     Objectives     Assessment     Activities
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