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Title:                                                      Simile Seekers and Alliteration Adventures
Primary Subject Area/Grade Level:   Language Arts (1st - 2nd Grade)
Author:                                                  Marne Evanson


In deciding to do this project I considered the data from the 4th grade scores on the 2002-2003 ND State Assessment for Reading. I also wanted to create a meaningful learning experience for my students.

One area that the 4th graders needed more work in for Reading was Standard 7: Understanding principles. I decided to work on Understanding simple figurative language. The students will do a variety of activities to gain information on SIMILES and ALLITERATION. They will use figurative language to write sentences using similes and alliteration. Students will use their sentences to make simile and alliteration books to be shared in the classroom as well as with the parents.


Rationale     Overview     Standards     Objectives     Assessment     Activities
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