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Title:                                                      Planetary Tourism
Primary Subject Area/Grade Level:   Language Arts and Science (6th - 8th Grade)
Author:                                                  Brenda Cain and Julie Costello


Upon examination of the 8th grade scores on the 2002 North Dakota State Assessment it appears that students need more practice reading a variety of materials, writing for specific audiences and editing to improve readability. Both state and local scores indicate these areas of performance are lower than other areas on the test. This unit gives students instruction and practice in these skills in the context of learning about a curricular area.

In addition to tested skills, many of our Language Arts standards are untested such as speaking and listening skills. It is clear through observation and discussions with colleagues that help in improving listening and speaking skills can only benefit a student. This unit attempts to improve these skills repeatedly in a variety of settings such as partner discussions, small group discussions, and whole class presentations.


Rationale     Overview     Standards     Objectives     Assessment     Activities
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