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Title:                                                        Escaping From It All (And Paying the Price!)
Primary Subject Area/Grade Level:    Math, Language Arts and Social Studies (5th - 8th Grade)
Author:                                                   Kirsten Baesler and Donna Nestoss


Children are not often involved in family financial planning. They know there is a limit to the amount of money available, but they usually have not had experience planning and budgeting for anything beyond personal needs. In this unit, “Escaping From it All (And Paying the Price),” students will work with a realistic budget as they plan a vacation for their family.

This unit will target specific areas in the 2002 Grade 8 ND State Math Assessment Test that scored below the 70th percentile in Standard 1: Number and Operations - Understand numbers & number systems, Apply number theory in problems, Compute with real numbers, and Apply appropriate estimation strategies and Standard 3: Data Analysis, Statistics, Probability – Formulate and solve problems that involve data, Identify basic trends in tables and graphs and Design and implement statistical studies.


Rationale     Overview     Standards     Objectives     Assessment     Activities
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